Test FrostWire for Android 1.3.4 (build 144) – SD Card storage available for +KitKat

Download FrostWire for Android 1.3.4 build 144



Changelog – FrostWire 1.3.4 – JULY/17/2014

 – Large torrent downloads start a lot faster. Prevents possible

   freezing (ANR) on some devices.

 – Restored SD Card writing capabilities under new Android rules.

   WARNING: All files stored to the application’s SD Card folder

   will be lost in the event of uninstalling. This is a problem

   for every application on Android, not by our design.

   Make sure to backup or sync files saved to the SD Card.

 – Doesn’t prefer external storage as the app install path.

 – Opens Music Player window when playing a song from My Music.

 – Moved vuze settings files to primary external private folder.

 – Updated Preferences screen, setting groups now in separate sub-screens.

 – Cleans up empty .torrent placeholder files when single torrent file download complete.

MacOSX Yosemite compatible FrostWire 5.7.4 (.dmg) installer.

We’ve finally solved the incompatibility issues with MacOSX Yosemite, we didn’t want to wait for FrostWire 5.7.5 to be finished to give you the chance to use FrostWire today on Yosemite.

Download MacOSX Yosemite Compatible FrostWire 5.7.4


One great plus, is that now FrostWire is Retina-display compatible, so no more visual torture for those of you with retina display when using FrostWire.


SD Card storage coming back to FrostWire for Android, but there’s a caveat.

Some Android phones are SD Card capable, and this storage extensibility is one of the key attractive features why people use Android and not iOS.

However, as of Android KitKat (4.4) Google removed the possibility for developers to be able to write files anywhere on the SD Card, instead they can now write to a specific location, and all the files written in it are deleted when the application is uninstalled by the user.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 9.09.54 PM

The only two logical reasons we can understand Google did this are the following:

1. Cleanliness. Apps leaving a lot of app specific files in the SD card and not being able to clean up on uninstall (as Android does not notify the app that’s being uninstalled of such an important event)

2. Security. Apps being able to write on each other’s folders, which is unsafe and which can lead to other apps breaking.

Now developers can still write to the SD card, but only into a specific Private folder designated for each app, however there is one big caveat, when an app is removed, that private folder is removed and all files in it are lost forever.

but what about apps that need to leave files behind even after being unsintalled?
yeah, apps like photo apps, video apps, downloader apps like FrostWire…

Oh, for that you gotta use the “public folders” in the phone’s internal memory (which by some odd historical reasons they call “external storage”, which is very confusing) which runs out pretty quickly as every other app needs to do the same.

We’ve tried to exhaust every possible option to write files on the SD card on a location that won’t be deleted, but it’s really impossible to do so (and even though we could do it with a  hack, it wouldn’t work on all Android devices)

Google has removed an important freedom, instead of giving developers a persistent app related public location on the SD card that would survive after uninstalling, or to at least leave things the way they were before the KitKat update and add a new ON_UNINSTALL Intent for apps to have a chance to cleanup before being uninstalled.

SD Card Storage is Coming Back as a best effort solution.


We’ve decided to bring SD Card Storage back as an advanced option, it does not make sense to have a downloader application on a phone/tablet with lots of secondary storage and not use it.

We think many users are probably uninstalling FrostWire because they think “it takes too much space” even though this is not our intention, things are this way because Google decided it that way, a-la Apple.

In our next release,  you will be able to change the default storage location into your SD Card, but you will be warned and reminded of the risks you face by doing so, remember to synchronize your FrostWire downloaded files outside of your device, or to make a backup of the files before uninstaling FrostWire, which we hope you won’t have to as we’re working hard to give you the best downloader app in the world.

This is the best we can do at the moment, we hope Google changes its mind, we think these policies reflect poor judgement and decision making on their part, as they are continuosly removing important freedoms that make Android such an attractive platform in the first place.

Lead Developer

New FrostWire 5.7.4 for Windows, Mac and Linux

Download FrostWire 5.7.4 for Windows (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin enabled .torrent)
Download FrostWire 5.7.4 for MacOSX (.torrent)
Download FrostWire 5.7.4 for Debian/Ubuntu (.torrent)


We highly recommend you upgrade your FrostWire to 5.7.4

We’ve fixed issues that would break YouTube downloads, and prevent Torrents.fm search results from appearing.

We’ve also brought back the ability to download soundcloud urls, and included soundcloud playlist downloads if you enter a soundcloud track or playlist url on the search box.

frostwire (5.7.4) stable; urgency=high
  * Fixes issues with youtube downloads.
  * Recovered ability to download soundcloud urls.
  * Can download entire soundcloud playlists from playlist url.
  * Fixed broken Torrents.fm search.
  * Updated Gson library, included the sources into our repo.
 -- FrostWire Team   Thu, 26 June 2014 15:44:35 -0500

To MacOSX Yosemite users: We are still working to make FrostWire Yosemite compatible, we’ve found some binary issues that we need to resolve, we hope to have FrostWire ready for you on our next release 5.7.5.

New FrostWire for Android 1.3.3 build 139 available.

Download FrostWire for Android 1.3.3 from Google Play
Download FrostWire 1.3.3 build 139 (.apk)

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 5.56.30 AM

We’ve addressed a number of crashes and fixes reported by FrostWire users by improving the way FrostWire caches images in memory. We’ve fixed issues related to search (Torrents.fm search was freezing the app) and cloud downloads.

We’ve also added a new feature, try pasting a Soundcloud or YouTube url on your search box or transfer’s screen (+) button to see what happens, you can now search for a specific YouTube video, or download a Soundtrack cloud or playlist if you have the corresponding URL in the clipboard.

FrostWire 1.3.3 – JUNE/27/2014
– Improvements in memory consumption and performance for image caching.
– Download Soundcloud Tracks and Playlists by entering URL on search box.
– Download Soundcloud Tracks and Playlists by entering URL on Transfer “+” control.
– Search YouTube videos by pasting YouTube URL on search box.
– Fixes YouTube download error.
– Fixes issue with Connect/Disconnect preferences button.
– Fixes issues with Torrents.fm search.
– Transparent use of ViewHolder pattern in ListViews.
– GSON library update.
– Picasso library update.

FrostWire for Android 1.3.3 build 136 available on Beta Channel

NOTICE: If you’re currently having issues with search on 1.3.2 and below it is advised that you turn off Torrents.fm search until 1.3.3 is out.


How to become a beta tester.

Please test:
– Search (we had an issue where torrent.fm search was broken and slowing down the app from getting any other search results, past whatever came in first before querying torrents.fm)
– Pasting a Soundcloud URL on Search.
– Pasting a Soundcloud Playlist URL on Search.
– Pasting a Soundcloud URL on (+) transfers.
– Pasting a Soundcloud Playlist URL on (+) transfers.
– Searching youtube videos by pasting a YouTube url on search.
– Scrolling through search results, my audio, my pictures should be smoother/faster.

Please report any crashes ASAP.

We are still fixing a few more issues that occur when the internet connection is dropped and recovered, or when the user disconnects the Bittorrent engine from the Preferences screen and tries to re-connect. As soon as we’re done with these fixes and any more reported crashes are fixed we’ll be releasing 1.3.3.

This version should feel a lot faster.

Changelog FrostWire 1.3.3 - JUNE/23/2014

 - Improvements in memory consumption and performance for image caching.

 - Download Soundcloud Tracks and Playlists by entering URL on search box.

 - Download Soundcloud Tracks and Playlists by entering URL on Transfer "+" control.

 - Search YouTube videos by pasting YouTube URL on search box.

 - Fixes issues with Torrents.fm search.

 - Transparent use of ViewHolder pattern in ListViews.

 - GSON library update.

 - Picasso library update.

FrostWire for Desktop’s Lines of Code Count

    8724 text files.
    8237 unique files.                                          
    8917 files ignored.

http://cloc.sourceforge.net v 1.60  T=121.17 s (65.3 files/s, 14184.1 lines/s)
Language                      files          blank        comment           code
Java                           7591         300370         340020        1033777
HTML                            192           2811           2130          21190
C++                              12           1337            510           3207
XML                              17            178            101           1632
C/C++ Header                     20            562           1623           1188
Ant                              19            289            136           1124
Maven                            10             66             20           1073
JSP                              16             64            606            777
Objective C                       7            184            100            675
Objective C++                     1            138             71            583
Javascript                        5             58             25            361
SQL                               1             34              7            288
CSS                               2             63             13            274
Bourne Again Shell                3             45             25            229
XSD                               2             28             57            187
C                                 2             58             14            134
PHP                               1             18              0             73
Bourne Shell                      4             13              1             45
DOS Batch                         7              8              4             41
make                              1              9              0             21
SUM:                           7913         306333         345463        1066879

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