New FrostWire for Desktop 5.6.6 out now

Highly recommended update, with important fixes on meta search.

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frostwire (5.6.6) stable; urgency=high
* Fixes ExtraTorrent meta search.
* Polish translation 100% updated.
* New support for anonymous user experience statistics.
— FrostWire Team Fri, Oct 11 2013 15:38:32 -0500

FrostWire 5.6.x alpha screenshots

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 5.06.59 PM

New Application Header.

Search is the core feature of the app, now there’s a single search box in the application, depending on the context it will search the internet (soon locally WiFi shared files by FrostWire instances, desktop or android), or your local Library files.

Also notice the improved unicode support on the song title showing Chinese characters.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 5.07.32 PM

Now we let you know something we always did, FrostWire always searches for all kinds of files, in the past this wasn’t obvious. See the number of search results per file type shown at the top of the search results, click on those buttons to show the found files for that type.

More search filters are available if you click where it says “Show Options”

A lot of eye candy coming to those search result rows, still alpha.

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 5.08.40 PM

One search box to rule them all.

Now the upper search box can be used to search within the library, something that wasn’t very obvious in the past.

New FrostWire for Android 1.0.8 out

Screenshot of the new FrostWire for Android navigation menu

A new FrostWire for Android is out on Google Play.

In this release we improved our search algorithm to include relevant search results that were being hidden in previous versions.

We’ve also made use of Square’s Picasso Image loading/caching library for displaying all the images on the user interface, resulting in less crashes due to out of memory errors we kept receiving. Now when browsing your Audio files you will be able to see the cover art of the track, making music browsing a lot friendlier.

We’ve removed ad display from the player window, no more admob ads, instead we’ll rely on the support of the community and we’ve placed a donation control which you can always turn off on the application settings.

We’ve added a new navigation menu called “Watch TV” which will either launch or take you to the android market so that you try our new app “FrostWire TV   ” to watch live TV channels (and a huge library of video on demand content). This app is still in beta testing period, we’d love for you to give it a try and give us as much feedback as you can. We’ll reveal more details about our Live TV initiatives and new partnerships on an upcoming press release. As an added bonus,

this release is compatible with OUYA, however there’s still a lot of user experience details that need to be fine tuned for better feedback on non-touch screens. Here is the full changelog:

FrostWire 1.0.8 - MAY/31/2013
 - New main menu entry to launch "FrostWire TV" app.
 - Search algorithm improvement brings better quality and missing search results.
 - Local audio files now show album art making local music browsing friendlier.
 - Fixes bug where audio player would stop instead of pausing when removing headphones.
 - Updated Image caching based on Picasso, better frame rate overall, should see
   less Out of memory error reports.
 - Fixes bug where the search cache couldn't purge old entries nor it could be deleted.
 - Fix for parsing torrents with minor mistakes in trackers list.
 - Less intensive HTML detection during torrent parsing
 - Added jdk14 logging library.
 - Fixes bug where .torrent files and magnets would not open with some file/web browsers.
 - Fixes crash reported when there is no access to the image cache folder.
 - Fixes crash initializing donations Billing Service.
 - Better description for mobile network data usage and bittorrent preferences.
 - Removed Google AdMob.
 - Added donations request component instead of ads.
 - Integrates Offercast offers on installation.
 - Experimental OUYA compatibility.


EXPERIMENTAL: FrostWire running on OUYA

Download Experimental Build for OUYA

It was a painless journey to get FrostWire to run on OUYA. We just had to add a line on the application manifest and an image so it’d be shown on the OUYA’s “Play” section.

As of now, this experimental build will let you perform downloads, we still have not plugged a keyboard to our OUYA so we couldn’t test search, but we think it should work just fine.

To install you will need to have the Android Development Toolkit installed on your computer.

You can install the apk, simply by connecting the OUYA to your computer via USB, and invoking

adb install frostwire.1.0.8.build90.ouya.apk

Then plug the OUYA to your TV and you should see FrostWire on the Play section ready to be used.

Here are some screenshots of our test run




FrostWire-running-on-OUYA-02 FrostWire-running-on-OUYA-03FrostWire-running-on-OUYA-04

Yay, FrostWire on the TV



New FrostWire “Bullet” 5.5.6, faster search, integration and improved Chinese Character support

Download now for Windows

Download now for Mac

The new FrostWire 5.5.6 (codenamed “Bullet”) has an overhaul of its search architecture now borrowing code from the android version which has been meant to be more efficient in terms of CPU and memory usage for reduced battery consumption and faster response times on less reliable networks. The desktop version now benefits from the mobile development efforts.

By Integrating with The Internet Archive’s search API FrostWire users benefit from having access to the largest online database of public domain and creative commons works of the internet. Over 7 million works are indexed and more are added every day. This release is a dream come true for the FrostWire team, we know users world wide will be empowered by the breadth of content they’ll now have access to thanks to the Internet Archive project.

Chinese and other foreign character support has been improved in the areas of search result display, Library display and media playback hopefully opening up the doors to new markets for file sharing in China and Chinese Mandarin speakers worldwide.

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 3.13.58 PM

Full changelog:

frostwire (5.5.6) stable; urgency=high
* New Feature: Includes search results from, which indexes
millions of public domain and creative commons works from all over the
* New Feature: playlist songs can be re-ordered with drag and drop.
* New Feature: all songs in a playlist can now be exported to a folder.
* Upgrade: Improved Unicode support for Chinese characters.
* Upgrade: mplayer update for unicode character file playback support.
* Upgrade: Search architecture upgrade for much faster search results.
* Upgrade: Considerably faster mp3,mp4 parsing in the library, creating
playlists is now faster than ever.
* Upgrade: New more explicit Wi-Fi sharing icons.
* Upgrade: Updated radio station database.
* Upgrade: up to 20% faster listing of files in the Library.
* Upgrade: Video player upgrades for better experience.
* Bug fix: screen-saver no longer kicks in during video playback.
* Bug fix: UPnP Wi-Fi sharing discovery consumes 84% less CPU on
congested local networks. Fixing reported slowdowns and reducing
considerable power consumption for laptop users.
* Bug fix: X11 related error fix.
* Bug fix: Number of files being shared includes the number of torrents
being seeded.
* Bug fix: Library search issues related to unicode characters.
* Bug fix: Multiple null pointer exceptions and crashes fixed.
* Bug fix: Fixed rendering issue related to wrong parsing of bitrate
string data.
* Upgrade: (Developers) ant compilation scripts cleanup.
* Upgrade: (Developers) use of ‘frostwire-commons’ repository to share
common code between FrostWire for Android and Desktop projects.

– FrostWire Team <> Mon, 22 Apr 2013 05:58:00 -0500

FrostWire 新酷线5.5.6:搜寻速度更快,与archive.org整合以及进一步支援中文语言




新的酷线5.5.6 大幅修改了搜寻技术,借助了安卓版本的代码,可提升中央处理器及记忆体用量的效率,从而减少电池使用量;亦可在较不稳定的网络上得到更快反应时间。

与网际网路档案馆Internet Archive的搜寻应用程序接口整合,酷线用户从此可以存取世界上最大的公用领域线上资料库,以及网上的知识共享作品。超过7百万的作品已被编入索引中,数量还在每天增加中。是次版本更新发布让酷线团队梦想成真!我们深信全球用户都会获益于更深入更广润的内容。



FrostWire (5.5.6) 稳定

*新功能:包含archive.org的搜寻结果。 已编引了过百万公用领域及网上的知识共享作品。

* 新功能:透用拖放便可排序播放清单

* 修正漏洞:修正多个空指针错误及冲突

* 修正漏洞:修正有关错误读取bitrate字串资料的渲染问题

* 升级:(开发人员) 在酷线安卓版及酷线电脑版都使用了 “frostwire-commons” 内的源码。


* 升级:改善万国码的中文字支援。

* 升级:播放器升级,支援万国码档案播放。


*升级:从资料库存取mp3. mp4.的资讯更快捷,制作播放清单比从前更快。

* 升级:更明显的Wi-Fi分享图示。

* 升级:广播电台资料库升级。

* 升级:上传当档到档案库的速度快达20%。

* 升级:视频播放器升级,提供更高享受。


*修正漏洞:在挤塞的本地网络上,点对点wi-fi 共享比以前使用少84%的系统资源。解决了手提电脑用户遇到系统缓慢及电源用量的问题。

*修正漏洞:X11 相关错误纠正

* 修正漏洞:正在共享的档案,包括正在做种子的档

* 修正漏洞:有关万国码的资料库搜寻事宜。

Get FrostWire 1.0 for Android

If you are getting an Android device this holiday season, we’ve spent the last 5 months building a must-have app for it.

Install FrostWire via Google Play.

Download the .apk installer.

Here’s a few things you can do with our completely re-designed and easy to use file sharing client and media player.

Improved search that integrates with the cloud.

Search results are faster than ever (instant in most cases) and not only you’ll have the most powerful BitTorrent Deep-Smart search[1] featured in previous versions, now FrostWire integrates with popular cloud services where content creators from all over the world share millions of legally available files[2].

The fastest downloads ever on any FrostWire for Android.

Be it on Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G you will experience in most cases downloads that are so fast you won’t even see the progress bar begin to move, by the time the transfer screen is opened the file will already be on your device. Specially when sharing files with other FrostWire devices (PCs too) on the same Wi-Fi network.

Share files between phones, tablets and computers without any networking know-how

You don’t have to use cables or become a computer guru to share files between your phones, tablets or computers. We’ve also been working on FrostWire for desktop so that when you open FrostWire on your phone or computer you will be able to see every device automatically.

Just make files publicly available by opening padlock icons next to the files and every device running FrostWire will be able to download and even stream music or video from each other.

This makes it great for groups of people (work, school, home, party), now you only need to take only one photo and share it with everybody else next time you’re all connected to the same Wi-Fi hotspot.

Sending documents, music, family videos between your mobile, tablet or computer has never been easier or faster, best of all it doesn’t even matter what Operating system you’re running, Windows, Mac, Linux, it doesn’t matter, all you need is FrostWire and a Wi-Fi router. It just works.

World class Gesture Based Music Player

We’ve redesigned our music player for simplicity and convenience. FrostWire’s music player is the world’s first gesture based music player, we built it thinking of drivers in mind, no need to take your eyes off the road if you want to switch songs or pause/resume playback.

On this version we’ve introduced a beautiful new design with a 3D presentation of the album art currently being played. It also has functionality to share or un-share the file you’re currently listening to without having to browse or find the file on your device.

Easier Navigation

We’ve recreated the navigation system on the application, it now has a beautiful animated and responsive slide in menu that will take you anywhere in the app, with room for future functionality, and if you’re playing a song you will be able to see the album art of the song being played.

We’ve also implemented a custom “Back” history handler so that you can backtrack perfectly the screens you’ve navigated as you used the app. You now have random access navigation through the menu, and sequential access navigation through the Android’s back key.

We’ve added new controls to let you instantly filter your own files and see which are being shared on the Wi-Fi network and which aren’t in just one touch.

Install FrostWire on your Android and spread the word, the more the merrier, it’s absolutely free.

Install FrostWire via Google Play.

Download the .apk installer.

[1] FrostWire's Deep-Smart search uses the most popular torrent indexing services to fetch torrent files, then FrostWire opens these files and searches for the individual files indexed by the torrent. As FrostWire searches it remembers the files it's seen in the past to make your next searches instantaneous.

[2] Only on in 2012 it was announced users had shared over 4 million Creative Commons licensed videos. FrostWire also taps on, the internet's biggest sound and music community of content creators, bands, singers and DJs that pay to make their music available for free to the SoundCloud community. If you share your content on YouTube or SoundCloud you're automatically available to the millions of FrostWire users on both Desktop and Android. Integration with more popular cloud services to come in the next releases.

When you download and install FrostWire you must agree that you will not use it for the purpose of copyright infringement otherwise the software won't work. FrostWire condemns copyright infringement. Downloading FrostWire does not constitute permission or a license for obtaining or distributing unauthorized files. It is illegal for you to distribute copyrighted files without permission. If you want to know about legal content you can download and distribute legally please visit,,, and

FrostWire for Android 1.0 Screenshots

We’re only days away from releasing the best file sharing application for mobile devices in the world.

A full blown file sharing client, a file browser with clear privacy controls to share files with others via WiFi or via BitTorrent, a gesture based music player, all free.

Quick Peek at the next generation of FrostWire for Android (1.0.x)

Test the 1.0.0 beta installer

Here’s a sneak peak of the next generation flagship file sharing client for the mobile world.
This next generation will include a brand new user interface with a more streamlined experience, you’ll be able to search, access and consume your files better than ever with FrostWire for Android, which will integrate tightly with FrostWire for Desktop, no matter on what operating system you run, with absolutely no setup required, just run and share.

Get the current version of FrostWire for Android free today, as soon as 1.0 is out you will receive the update message.

FrostWire 5.3.9 helps trackers save bandwidth

Download FrostWire here

Updating to FrostWire 5.3.9 will help the BitTorrent network as a whole to perform a lot better.

A few weeks ago some of the major trackers went offline on strike to get the attention of the BitTorrent community, their goal was to get everyone to understand a problem that was causing trackers to loose a lot of money in bandwidth costs thanks to old or mislabeled torrents that were still pointing to HTTP tracking addresses.

HTTP traffic is a lot more verbose than the UDP traffic that occurs between BtiTorrent trackers and trackers.

Now FrostWire has implemented a BitTorrent protocol extension that allows all FrostWire clients to check a TXT DNS record that will let all BitTorrent clients know if they should override the torrent announcement url to use UDP instead of the old HTTP addresses stored in older .torrent files.

Before FrostWire attempts to connect to the tracker URL, it’ll first check that DNS configuration to see what the wishes of the tracker administrator are, now tracker admins can override the behavior of all FrostWire clients and FrostWire could potentially ignore the HTTP based handshake and perform the handshake in UDP saving tracker operators a great deal of bandwidth costs.

Update now and make the BitTorrent network better