New FrostWire 6.8.2 (desktop) MAJOR UPDATE available now



frostwire (6.8.2) stable; urgency=high

  • Partial downloads now show only the files selected on Transfer details
  • .torrent download errors fixed
  • TorLock and Torrentz2 search results are magnet based to reduce fetching errors
  • Mac: All C/C++ source code has been recompiled with MacSDK 10.14
  • Mac: MacOS Mojave compatibility updates, build revised for Apple’s notarization
  • New jlibtorrent update
  • jlibtorrent updated to boost 1.71.0
  • jlibtorrent upgraded openssl to 1.1.1c
  • jlibtorrent compiled with std=c++14 (up from c++11)
  • libtorrent:pick contiguous pieces from peers with high download rate
  • libtorrent:fix error handling of moving storage to a drive letter that isn’t mounted
  • libtorrent:fix integer overflow in http parser
  • libtorrent:fix integer overflow in chunked http parser
  • libtorrent:factor out and unit test parts of the DHT routing table logic
  • libtorrent:improve sanitation of symlinks, to support more complex link targets (file_storage::sanitize_symlinks)
  • libtorrent:avoid empty dht routing table buckets
  • libtorrent:fix dht_stats_alert routing table stats for multi-homed clients
  • libtorrent:fix entry assignment from bdecode_node and lazy_entry
  • libtorrent:fix use-after-free issue in socket_type
  • libtorrent:fix error code messages when building without deprecated functions
  • libtorrent:feature to disable DHT, PEX and LSD per torrent
  • libtorrent:fix seeding of random number generator on mingw
  • libtorrent:fix issue where trackers from magnet links were not included in create_torrent()
  • libtorrent:extend the whole_pieces_threshold setting to also request contiguous pieces from fast peers
  • libtorrent:fix error handling of moving storage to a drive letter that isn’t mounted
  • libtorrent:don’t leak exceptions out of handler callbacks in resolver
  • libtorrent:ensure headers build independently
  • libtorrent:fix unit template’s mutating operators to give them proper ref qualifiers

— FrostWire Team <> Fri, 30 Aug 2019 15:54:22 -0600

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FIXED: Apple Notarization issue: “The signature of the binary is invalid.”. One other reason not explained in Apple Developer Documentation

TL;DR: Do not zip your app bundles using the zip command, instead use the “ditto -c -k –sequesterRsrc –keepParent” command, or you can manually right click on your bundle on Finder and click on the “Compress” option, the zip command alters the UTF binary encoding of the files and makes the signature invalid.


We just went through hell to get FrostWire for Mac notarized by Apple’s automated service.

Since FrostWire is not a regular Objective-C/Swift app, but a Java app, our (one-step) build process is done entirely using bash scripts on the terminal.

The Notarization process helped us realize we had some old binaries that we hadn’t compiled since Mac SDK 10.6, and it made us sign them with hardened runtime support, it also made us make sure that there were no hidden .DS_ files as these can also cause the app bundle to be considered invalid by Apple.

In the end we were able to sign our squeaky clean bundle and however we checked it, it appeared to have no errors with it whatsoever.




We’d always get the following error for our submission.


“The signature of the binary is invalid”

It was the damn .zip file

Thinking there was something wrong with our installer’s executable, we even re-built it using a custom Makefile and directly on the terminal, and not through an XCode project like we used to. As a plus, we think it’s much simpler now.

Between our signature checking on the local machine and the notarization submission there was one more step, compressing the into a file.

To zip our bundle before submitting it to the notarization service (altool –notarize-app), we were using the zip command available at /usr/bin/zip


And this was the problem. This “zip” command is not the same compression software used by the Finder when you right click on a file and hit “Compress”


it’s called Info-ZIP and it’s not made by Apple.

As soon as we zipped the with the Finder and then submitted that zip file, we were successful.

It appears that the /usr/bin/zip tool “is converting UTF-8 NFD charset to UTF-8 NFC. The new APFS filesystem supports both encodings unlike HFS+ where UTF-8 was always converted to UTF-8 NFD.”

This is why the code signature checks passed just fine on our end, but not on Apple’s side.



You can zip your bundle on your script with the “ditto” tool as if you were using the Finder, this way:


This issue is not mentioned on the Apple Developer Documentation “Resolving Common Notarization Issues” article,  hopefully it’ll make it to their ears and they’ll add this possible solution to their “Ensure a Valid Signature” section list of possible solutions and caveats.


New FrostWire for Android 2.1.6 build 598

Download the .apk for FrostWire Plus for Android now, absolutely free



FrostWire 2.1.6 build 598 – AUG/24/2019

  • Fixes bug where sequential downloads couldn’t be turned off
  • .torrent download errors fixed
  • TorLock and Torrentz2 search results are magnet based to reduce fetching errors
  • material:1.1.0-alpha09 update
  • play-services-ads:18.1.1 update
  • com.applovin:applovin-sdk:9.8.4 update
  • mopub-sdk:5.8.0 update
  • update
  • update
  • update
  • update
  • update
  • update
  • update
  • gradle wrapper distributionUrl=

Source code (tar.gz)

What happened to FrostWire

FrostWire is still under active (but slower) development as we cannot afford full time developers on the team as we used to. It’s a volunteer based Open Source project on which you can participate.

Make sure to download the latest version completely free

For your desktop computer

🐱 27.5 MB

🐱 frostwire-6.8.2.dmg 34.2 MB


Or for your android device
🐱 frostwire-android-release-2.1.6-b598-plus.apk  17.9 MB


what happened to frostwire

New FrostWire 6.8.1 build 285,286 for Desktop

Source code (zip)
Source code (tar.gz) Please make sure to upgrade to 6.8.1 to continue to receive FrostWire updates without having to check the websites for new version, this will help to keep the network healthy.kofrostwire (6.8.1) stable; urgency=high

  • Time remaining renderer bug fixed
  • Update system bug fixed

— FrostWire Team Tue, 23 July 2019 05:33:48 -0600