FrostWire for Android hits the Market

The Best BitTorrent client for Android Tablets, Phones and TV is here and in over 16 languages, free.

Get it now from the Android Market

What’s New?
– BitTorrent Support on WiFi, 3G, 4G.
– Browse and share with other Android devices on the WiFi network.
Stream music to FrostWire for Desktop 5.3+
– Share files with FrostWire for Desktop 5.3+
– Smart BitTorrent search powered by several torrent search engines.


24 thoughts on “FrostWire for Android hits the Market

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    • Once the android app is complete we’ll move to the next platform. We’re debating between Blackberry’s new OS (the one for the Playpen) which is more touch friendly and seems like an easier port, and Windows Phone 7 which could be a big hit in Mobile.

    • Android is the operating system that runs on the phone/tablet. FrostWire is an application to share files between Android Devices and your computer.

  5. i think personally you should allow it to work over your normal service if you prefer i mostly use the app when im out and about and usually theres no wifi

  6. I own a LG EVE android and i scanned the QR code, but now it says it can’t find it on my android market… does it have anything to do with my market being ran by Google?

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