So Long Jelly Beans – Support for Android 4.1, 4.2, 4.2, 4.3 to be dropped on our next release

As of FrostWire for Android 1.9.9 build 453 (not yet released as of this writing), devices running anything below Android 4.4 will not be receiving further updates.

The number of devices running Android 4.1 is now below 1.3%, Android 4.2 1.3% and Android 4.3 just 0.8%, which is way below our minimum threshold of 5%. It’s too hard to offer a great experience to these users, as much as we try to stabilize and optimize the app, legacy android bugs will continue to haunt these users which are long due for a hardware update (since 2012)

For those curious, as of October 2017, our Android breakdown right now looks like this:

Android 4.4 => 9.6%
Android 5.0 => 6.0%
Android 5.1 => 11.0%
Android 6.0 => 29.4%
Android 7.0 => 37.0%
Android 8.0 => 0.3%


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