New FrostWire 1.5.2 for Android with improved Search experience.

Download FrostWire Plus 1.5.2 (absolutely Free!)

After we had to remove YouTube search from the FrostWire version distributed on Google Play, aka “FrostWire Basic”, we heard your complains loud and clear.

As a first solution, we created a “FrostWire Plus” distribution that has all the features you were used to and we made it available on our website.

For those users that simply won’t bother to get out of Google Play to get an app we had to make things better with respect to torrent search, FrostWire 1.5.2 is a first step on that direction.

FrostWire Basic users should feel a big difference when searching once they upgrade to 1.5.2.

An Improved Search Experience

In the past, as you searched, FrostWire would make very intensive use of your network resources, it’d try to query the DHT for every candidate torrent, download the torrent, parse the torrent and apply matching heuristics to show you relevant search results.

As of 1.5.2 we’ve started searching for more information about the torrents contents right from the search sources search results, this means, in some instances almost immediate individual files appearing on search results and much needed freeing the DHT network of millions of searches a day.

As a result to your experience, not only you get faster search results, but when you start a download it will take less to get started as FrostWire is not busy talking to hundreds of peers on the network.

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Also we’ve included some user interface upgrades that can help make your search more streamlined in case you’re not finding what you’re looking for. FrostWire will now show you search suggestions based on what you’ve entered, basically showing you reduced versions of your previous search, so you don’t have to manually delete words, now you can just push a button to try an alternate more general search which will increase your chances of finding relevant content.


FrostWire 1.5.2 – APRIL/17/2015
– Significant improvements in search results for individual files.
– Significant reduction of DHT queries, freeing up networking resources.
– Faster torrent download start.
– Fixes download error on some search results.
– When no search results are found, search suggestions are calculated from search keywords.
– Fixes Yify search.
– Icon/buttons refresh on transfer screen.
– Fixes issues with SD Card storage on Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
– FrostWire notification icon now Lollipop compatible.

New FrostWire 6.0.7 out, now with Preview while you download

Download FrostWire 6.0.7 for Windows
Download FrostWire 6.0.7 for MacOSX
Download FrostWire 6.0.7 for Linux

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 11.40.04 PM

One of the most requested features after Gnutella support was dropped over BitTorrent has been the ability to Preview the contents of a media file while it’s being downloaded. As of 6.0.7 FrostWire tries its best to collect download data to let you preview the file while it’s still being downloaded while not hurting the performance of the torrent’s swarm (sequenced piece fetching is done only for a very limited time or data amount depending on the download’s characteristics, once enough pieces are in for a preview the torrent resumes non-sequence downloading mode).

Download Previews are also available for most cloud (http) downloads.

Several search engine providers were fixed, including TPB and KAT, along with numerous upgrades and optimizations, including a refresh with the latest updates from the libtorrent project to make the torrent downloading experience the best out there.

Full Changelog
frostwire (6.0.7) stable; urgency=high
* New feature: Preview while you download.
* Memory and CPU savings when parsing search results on some search engines.
* BTJunkie fixed.
* TPB search fixed.
* KAT search fixed.
* Monova search fixed.
* Fixes bug where soundcloud, audio downloads would not be automatically
be scanned by iTunes.
* Croatian translation updates.
* Torrent creation and parsing now done using frostwire-jlibtorrent api. More
Azureus cleanups.
* Fixes run on startup issue on Windows. Thanks to @win32re.
* Upgraded java virtual machine to 1.8.0_40 with hundreds of fixes and upgrades.
* Upgraded H2 database engine.
* Upgraded frostwire-jlibtorrent to the latest code from libtorrent.
* UX-improvement: A repeated search will honor active search engines.

— FrostWire Team <> Wed, 08 April 2015 22:24:00 -0500

FrostWire is a free, open source BitTorrent client first released in September 2004, as a fork of LimeWire. It was initially very similar to LimeWire in appearance and functionality, but over time developers added more features, including BitTorrent support. In version 5, Gnutella support was dropped entirely, and FrostWire is only a BitTorrent client. Development of the program has been active since the program was first released in September 2004.

New FrostWire for Android 1.5.0

Download FrostWire for Android 1.5.0

This new FrostWire for Android release includes the latest improvements from libtorrent to make BitTorrent downloading faster and more energy efficient than ever.

TPB, BTJunkie, KAT and Monova search sources have been fixed for much better search results.


FrostWire for Android now recognizes Bitcoin and web tipping/donation addresses on compatible .torrents

Several bugs and crashes on the music player were fixed, and the Chinese, Polish and Spanish translations of the app were updated.

Users getting the app on Google Play will know that YouTube search has been disabled in order to comply with Google Developer Rules, those users looking for a full version of the app can download “FrostWire Plus” at

FrostWire 1.5.0 – APRIL/03/2015

– Upgraded frostwire-jlibtorrent to the latest code from libtorrent.
– TPB, BTJunkie, KAT, Monova searches fixed.
– Users can now donate to torrent creators, both Fiat and Bitcoin when available.
– New Bittorrent setting to enable/disable DHT connectivity.
– YouTube search disabled for Google Play distribution.
– Fixes annoying bug where user would be notified for old finished downloads.
– Fixes bug where songs that were deleted were not being cleared from playlists.
– Fixes bug where removing last song from Favorites playlist would not clear.
– Fixes bug where it would show “Play All” menu action on empty playlists.
– Fixes bug where sharing on WiFi from certain 3rd-party file explorers wouldn’t work.
– Fixes bug where file descriptors fetched by content:// uris wouldn’t have a disk path available.
– Fixes 2 crashes on music player.
– Chinese, Polish, Spanish translations update.

FrostWire 1.4.9 for Android

Download FrostWire for Android



FrostWire 1.4.9 – MARCH/03/2015
– New KAT search.
– Fixed BTJunkie search issues causing ANR crashes.
– Fixed Mininova search. Few results coming in due to low seed numbers.
– Removed Appia Search.
– Clean up: Removed Appia, RevMob, Google In-App purchasing libraries.
– Updated Croatian translation. Thanks @win32re.
– Refactors, cleanup, misc fixes.

Photo: Devyn Rose wearing the FrostWire Tee.

New FrostWire 6.0.6 out for Windows, Mac and Linux

Download from FrostWire’s Official Website
Download Binaries and Source from Github
Download from


frostwire (6.0.6) stable; urgency=high
* Fixes bug where default save location for torrents would not be accounted for.
* New: When changing default save location, any ongoing torrent transfers are
moved to the new location.
* Romanian and Finnish translation updates.
* New: Option to turn off Bittorrent DHT.
* YT search upgrades.
* New: Supports shortened url searches.
* OSX: When shutting down to start the installer for an update
now the window is focused to make sure the user doesn’t get lost during the
update process.

— FrostWire Team Thu, 17 February 2015 14:44:30 -0500

Join the FrostWire development community, earn bitcoins.

Students worldwide, join the FrostWire peer to peer development community

Hello my name is Angel Leon and I’m the co-founder and lead developer of FrostWire.

FrostWire is an open source file sharing client and media player that was created initially as a fork of LimeWire once the freedom of information sharing on the peer to peer network was threatened.

Today I want to invite you to collaborate with our project and help us build the peer to peer technologies that will help decentralize the internet of today and tomorrow.

Here at FrostWire we believe it is a human right to have uncensored access to information and culture, and despite the negative stigmas associated with file sharing technologies we should always work to preserve open uncensorable channels to share information and culture.

Peer to peer information sharing protocols like BitTorrent enable us to do this, and we need help specially from young students with fresh new ideas on how to build the next generation file sharing technologies that will keep mankind connected and free to know the truth.

FrostWire as it is today consists of several different open source projects, frostwire-desktop: our client for Windows, Mac and Linux computers; frostwire-android: our android client, frostwire-jlibtorrent: our bittorrent libraries based on the awesome open source libtorrent project and frostwire-common a project with libraries shared among all the other projects.

We are looking for students or people eager to learn what it’s like to create real world massive use software in an Open Source community environment.

We are looking for people that care about our same ideals and the possible applications of p2p technologies to not just enable free uncensored information access for file sharing, publishing and communication, but also create technologies to level the playing fields on markets currently ruled and limited by media monopolies and archaic payment networks.

We need talented programmers with a passion for simple, clean, efficient code and design, eager to always put their best efforts into every contribution so that our code base has no “broken windows” at any time.

Students looking to learn object oriented programming to the fullest will find FrostWire a very fullfilling playground.

Know-how in peer to peer networking is a plus but it can be gained by collaborating with the project.

Experience in the areas of networking (TCP/UDP) will be of help but are not necessary to contribute as FrostWire is much more than just file transfering, it must deal with problems like search, file management, media playback and user experience.

The languages used in the project are mostly Java (most of the project is written in Java, specially the android version) and C/C++ (in case we need to go down and fix/extend libtorrent and mplayer). Knowing scripting languages such as Python/Ruby/Bash will help you build tools and tests and are a nice plus.

We need passionate graphic and user experience designers to help us better the way users interact with our different products, our user interfaces is constantly changing and we want to adapt the desktop version to new design trends and hardware devices (how will you use file sharing with augmented reality?)

We need translators in every language to help maintain the ever changing messages presented to users.

We need testers that can help us find and reproduce bugs before we ship new versions of the software, if you can code and maintain automated tests that will be a great way to get familiar with the code base.


FrostWire is an open source project, this means you don’t need to ask permission to start fixing what bothers you, you just need to clone our repositories, and start working on issues that may bother you, or on any of the existing issues published on our bug tracker.

Each one of the projects is periodically funded with Bitcoins that come from the donations sent by our users, this way if one of your patches gets merged into the master branch you will immediatly receive 1% of what’s left on the fund, we try to keep funds so that these tips range from $5 to $20 (depending on the current Bitcoin price and fund availability)

Harder issues to solve also have bounties, they can be FrostWire gear, or anywhere from $25, $50, $100 or even more depending on the complexity of the problem to solve and the funds available at the time.

Join us, let’s make software that gets used by tens of millions of people, you will be surprised to find out what you’re able to do and how many people you can impact in a very short amount of time.

Community members who are proven to collaborate with true passion and talent, to the point that they’re trusted enough to have direct commit privileges on the project will be considered for partial or remote full time hiring.

FrostWire is a decentralized project in every aspect, our headquarters is the internet and everyone is free to work on it remotely from where it’s most convenient.


There are many projects we’d like to get started but we can’t do it without you, if our existing projects don’t excite you perhaps the following list will:

BitTorrent based web: Let’s create a web browser and web publishing tools that leverages the power of Bittorrent to let anybody publish uncensorable content online.

BitTorrent + Bitcoin file transfers. Let’s implement a proof of concept inside FrostWire that allows anybody to sell content online without centralized entities. Let’s enable book authors, musicians, film makers and photographers to publish content on the network that is downloadable for Bitcoins, the author decides to share a percentage of every sale with honest seeders willing to help distribute the content. (See Bitcoin payment channels for escrow-less payments)