How to Add Royalty Free Music to Videos with FrostWire (1 minute video tutorial)

Avoid this from happening, play by the rules:

Learn in 1 minute how to avoid getting flagged on YouTube for copyright infringement for the background music you use with this tip.

Use FrostWire to find and download copyright/royalty free music for your video creations.



New FrostWire pre-releases for the start of 2017

If you’re having issues with the number of search results available, we hear you, your 2016 FrostWire is already getting rusty and you need to update.

Please try our new pre-release today (we’re doing the final tests to launch it today)

Installers for For Windows, Mac, Linux (6.3.4)

frostwire (6.4.3) stable; urgency=high
  * Fixes issue with YouTube search
  * Fixes issue with ExtraTorrent search
  * Fixes issue where trackers would not be saved correctly when creating a torrent
  * New jlibtorrent

 -- FrostWire Team <>  Thu, 12 Jan 2017 18:52:00 -0600

Installer For Android (plus / 1.8.7)

FrostWire 1.8.7 - JAN/12/2017
 - Fixes issues with YouTube search
 - Fixes issues with ExtraTorrent search
 - New Bulgarian, Belarusian, Slovak, Thai, Malaysian, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Hebrew and Serbian translations
 - Every existing translation synced to 100%, Croatian and Urdu benefit the most
 - About screen make over with material design
 - Fixes bug where main navigation menu wouldn't close on back pressed.

When you download and install FrostWire you must agree that you will not use it for the purpose of copyright infringement otherwise the software won’t work. FrostWire condemns copyright infringement.
Downloading FrostWire does not constitute permission or a license for obtaining or distributing unauthorized files. It is illegal for you to distribute copyrighted files without permission. If you want to know about legal content you can download and distribute legally please visit

About FrostWire
FrostWire Plus for Android is a native Android BitTorrent Client+YouTube downloader. It allows you to find & download any file from the distributed peer-to-peer BitTorrent Network – music, movies, apps, ebooks, images. . In addition, FrostWire is also a cloud downloader – fetching results and downloading files from two main cloud based sources – YouTube and SoundCloud. FrostWire also includes a featured Music Library & Music Player.


How to solve recent FrostWire Freeze/Render issues/crashes on Windows 10 (FrostWire 6.3.5, 6.3.6, August 2016)

Around August 2016 several reports of slowdowns, freezes, crashes and UI rendering issues started being reported by several Windows 10 FrostWire users.

If you’re having issues please do the following:

1. Run a file system scan and a system file check
Run cmd.exe as an Administrator and issue the following commands


sfc /scannow

this will help you find any corrupted system files and any other issues in your file system.

2. Make sure to install the latest Windows Upgrades to fix Windows File System issues, in order to do this you have to update to at least the one released on August 31, 2016

August 31, 2016 — KB3176938 (OS Build 14393.105)
Key changes include:
Improved reliability of Windows Ink Workspace, Microsoft Edge, File Server, Windows kernel, Microsoft Component Object Model (COM), Cluster Health Service, Hyper-V, multi-factor authentication (MFA), NTFS file system, PowerShell, Internet Explorer 11, facial recognition, graphics, Windows Store, and Windows Shell.

3. If you have an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card installed, please make sure to have your drivers updated to at least the updates released in September 2016.


How to read FrostWire’s Executable stdout output

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 4.13.54 PM

If you sudo lsof -n | grep FrostWire | grep "/dev/null" on a Mac to see where the stdout is going to, you will see that FrostWire’s console output is going to /dev/null, and redirecting a process output in OSX isn’t something at least we could find was easy to do as in Linux, where several developers have created utilities for this purpose.

Luckily, if you run the Mac FrostWire executable manually on your terminal, you will be able to see the stdout output being redirected to your terminal window (e.g. /dev/ttys004)

So simply do the following if you’d like to read the  stdout output.

1. Open Terminal

2. cd /Applications/ (or wherever else you may have dropped the

3. ./FrostWire

Listo! you should now be reading FrostWire’s stdout output.

#CODE libtorrent 1.1.1 released

You can download it from github at:

Changes since the 1.1 release.

* update puff.c for gzip inflation
* add dht_bootstrap_node a setting in settings_pack (and add default)
* make pad-file and symlink support conform to BEP47
* fix piece picker bug that could result in division by zero
* fix value of current_tracker when all tracker failed
* deprecate lt_trackers extension
* remove load_asnum_db and load_country_db from python bindings
* fix crash in session::get_ip_filter when not having set one
* fix filename escaping when repairing torrents with broken web seeds
* fix bug where file_completed_alert would not be posted unless
had been queries by the client
* move files one-by-one when moving storage for a torrent
* fix bug in enum_net() for BSD and Mac
* fix bug in python binding of announce_entry
* fixed bug related to flag_merge_resume_http_seeds flag in
* fixed inverted priority of incoming piece suggestions
* optimize allow-fast logic
* fix issue where FAST extension messages were not used during handshake
* fixed crash on invalid input in http_parser
* upgraded to libtommath 1.0
* fixed parsing of IPv6 endpoint with invalid port character separator
* added limited support for new parameter from BEP 9
* fixed dht stats counters that weren’t being updated
* make sure add_torrent_alert is always posted before other alerts for
the torrent
* fixed peer-class leak when settings per-torrent rate limits
* added a new “preformatted” type to bencode entry variant type
* improved Socks5 support and test coverage
* fix set_settings in python binding
* Added missing alert categories in python binding
* Added dht_get_peers_reply_alert alert in python binding
* fixed updating the node id reported to peers after changing IPs

Arvid Norberg

All of the changes above are already available on our Open Source Java wrapper Jlibtorrent.

Changes in JLibtorrent


JLibtorrent is a Java interface for libtorrent by us, the makers of FrostWire, with it you can develop libtorrent based apps and services with the joy of coding in Java.


On this release we’ve integrated significant updates from libtorrent’s RC_1_1 branch. If your app/service uses jlibtorrent you’ll be ahead of the curve by upgrading to with respect to the majority of bittorrent clients out there that are built in C++, this is the beauty of using jlibtorrent, you’ll always have the safest and fastest bittorrent engine under the hood without compilation and linking nightmares.

- don't perform expensive hash of piece data for logging
- fixed popcnt asm for x86 and gcc/clang
- move storage "file-by-file"
- fix file_completed_alert, it would not be posted unless file_progress had been queries by the client
- fix filename escaping when repairing torrents with broken web seeds
- fix crash in session::get_ip_filter when not having set one
- fix mutable dht_get_item failure when salt is non-empty
- fix range of lsd::cookie
- don't send bitfield to peers whose handshake we haven't fully received yet
- update our id in the rpc manager when it changes
- make local service discovery cookie support not so random numbers
- fix value of current_tracker when all tracker failed
- hack to allow timeout utp sockets that are about to be closed
- fix re-prioritizing a piece while it is downloading
- handle short reads when exporting a file
- make pad-file and symlink support conform to BEP47

Re-release: FrostWire 6.3.3 build 190 for Linux

FrostWire Contributor deivid-rodriguez found issues on the .deb and .rpm installers of FrostWire 6.3.3 build 189 and sent us a fix.

We’ve bumped the build number (as no upcoming changes have been included in this build), and we’ve proceeded to re-release the linux installers on our official website, on and on