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Develop libtorrent based apps with the joy of coding in Java. GitHub Repository here

jlibtorrent is a high level java API that wraps libtorrent, the most efficient, most powerful and battle tested C++ opensource bittorrent library in the world.

FrostWire BitTorrent clients for Android, Windows, Mac and Linux are developed using jlibtorrent


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  • libtorrent release 1.2.0
  • using android NDK r18b
  • updated to boost 1.69.0
  • updated to OpenSSL 1.1.1a
  • fixed activeDhtLimit SettingsPack setter
  • development: new local build scripts for macosx, android
  • lt:only allow cwnd to be reduced so often (utp)
  • lt:avoid announcing local ip to private tracker
  • lt:don’t treat loss of MTU probe packet as a congestion signal (utp)
  • lt:make sure we reset the duplicate ack counter every time we don’t receive
    a duplicate ack (utp)
  • lt:remove old (incompatible) sequence number build option (utp)
  • lt:don’t leave slow-start just because we hit the advertized receive window
  • lt:simplify and improve the uTP deferred ACK logic to respond earlier
  • lt:improve logic for fast-retransmitting packets on incoming SACK
  • lt:improve utp verbose logging a bit and make the parser pull out more
  • lt:restore permissions on directories to 1.1. i.e. rely on umask
  • lt:minor fix to invalid_request_alert logging
  • lt:add assignment operator to span
  • lt:fix %u -> %d format codes
  • lt:fix deprecation markup in torrent_status
  • lt:tweak heuristic of how to interpret url seeds in multi-file torrents
  • lt:added more TORRENT_DEPRECATED_ENUM and deprecated unused aio_max in
  • lt:take a string_view in setting_by_name
  • lt:fix typo in peer log
  • lt:deprecate start_default_features flag, it’s only used in deprecated API
  • lt:remove verbose peer logging
  • lt:make stack_allocator::format_string() grow the buffer for large strings
  • lt:move where socket buffers are set up, to happen after the socket is
    opened. log errors in the peer’s log instead of session and torrent
  • lt:add stats counter for the number of outstanding async_accept calls
  • lt:fix potential issue where the dht port message is sent before the peer
  • lt:correct %u format code for pieces in printf() calls
  • lt:attempt to fix an assert for a newly connected peer that disconnects just
    as we receive the metadata
  • lt:don’t use page aligned disk buffers
  • lt:include &ipv4= for private trackers
  • lt:add support for &ipv4= tracker argument
  • lt:use new bdecoder in ut_metadata class
  • lt:fix redundant bytes overflow
  • lt:check for self-assignment in bitfield operator=
  • lt:initialize bencoded ints with zero when constructed
  • lt:exit natpmp::on_reply earlier if we’re shutting down
  • lt:fix setting ipv6 interface
  • lt:a better fix to the ssl port announce bug
  • lt:perfect forward async handlers for udp_socket to underlying asio socket
  • lt:move the whole add_torrent_params object into save_resume_data_alert
  • lt:actually fix the issue with the second tracker announce with port 0
  • lt:remove redundant MTU boundary checks
  • lt:fix of asio-debugging build in natpmp. resend_request could be called
    directly, not only as a handler for an async operation
  • lt:fix move_storage with save_path with a trailing slash
  • lt:only make snubbed peers invert the piece picking strategy when we’re
    doing rarest first
  • lt:ssl listen port fix and improved tracker announce logging
  • lt:properly tear down the disk_io_thread object in set_piece_hashes() when
    exiting via an exception
  • lt:make throwing versions of read_resume_data
  • lt:fix overflow in sliding_average in the case of very high download rates
  • lt:renamed debug_notification to connect_notification
  • lt:fix issue in udp_socket with unusual socket failure
  • lt:utp close-reason use after free fix
  • lt:source code cleanup, performance and stability






frostwire (6.7.7) stable; urgency=high

  • New jlibtorrent with latest libtorrent release
  • Updated okhttp3 3.11.0 -> 3.12.0
  • Updated com.h2database 1.4.193 -> 1.4.197

— FrostWire Team Tue, 15 Jan 2019 10:57:17 -0600

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FrostWire 2.1.1 build 578 – JAN/16/2019
  • New jlibtorrent with libtorrent 1.2.0
  • Memory freed by removing hundreds of unused resource ids and resources
  • Library updates mopub 5.4.1, applovin 9.1.3, okhttp 3.12.0, com.h2database 1.4.197, 28.0.0, play-services-ads:17.1.2
  • Search: New Nyaa engine
  • Fix ANR introduced by mopub 5.4.1
  • Min sdk bumped to 19 (Android 4.4)
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FrostWire for Android is no longer available on Google Play

As of September 18th, 2018, the FrostWire Android app has been taken down from Google Play due to a DMCA take down request.

We have submitted a counter DMCA notice immediately after receiving the DMCA notification and learning that our app was suspended. In the notice, the company claimed their content was uploaded to the FrostWire app and provided screenshots of their content being played in the FrostWire Music Player.

Asking for reinstatement, we made it clear that it is technically impossible to upload any content to FrostWire. We explained that FrostWire is a tool, a BitTorrent client, a downloader for a distributed peer-to-peer network and that as such, it does not host, index, nor has the ability to control the content it is technically capable of downloading from third party sources.

We have appealed with Google and were denied the reinstatement.

We are dumbfounded that an unsubstantiated claim from one company can so easily remove an app that’s totally legal, has millions of users, 4+ star rating and almost 8 years on the Google Play store.

With over 80% of our user-base running on the Android platform, in a world where the majority of android installs occurs through a centralized app store monopoly, we don’t see a viable path forward. After 14 years the team is ready to move on to other passions and challenges.

We want to take this opportunity and thank our users for the support and kind words we’ve received over the last few days and invite everyone to update their Android and Desktop apps directly  from our Github repository or from the project’s SourceForge page.

We hope that in the end, a free, uncensored and decentralized internet will prevail.

FrostWire, Alternative to BitTorrent

As you probably know, According to TrustedReviews and many other news sources BitTorrent has been sold to Justin Sun and his blockchain startup Tron.

“BitTorrent has been sold to the founder of cryptocurrency TRON, who reportedly wants to use the acquisition to “legitimise” the blockchain startup’s reputation.” -TrustedReviews


Due to this, and because no one knows with certainty what will happen with BitTorrent, you will be wondering what is the best alternative. You came to the right place. FrostWire is one of the few fully independent, fully featured open source alternatives. FrostWire is a free, fully featured BitTorrent Client and Cloud downloader with a built-in Music Library designed for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

FrostWire allows you to find & download any file from the distributed peer-to-peer BitTorrent Network – music, movies, apps, ebooks, images. Any file – no matter how big or small!
In addition, FrostWire is also a cloud downloader – fetching results and able to download files from cloud based sources such as, and YouTube.

You just enter a keyword and search, then pick a file from search results and download the file with one tap. Yes. It is that easy!

So, what are you waiting for? Download FrostWire for free today!

FrostWire 2.0.4 build 525 for Android available now

12.1 MB frostwire-android-release-2.0.4-b525-plus.apk

FrostWire 2.0.4 build 525 - APR/26/2018
 - New jlibtorrent
 - Library updates: gms 15.0.0, re2j 1.2
 - Translations updated, Hungarian
 - Music player clean up and optimizations
 - Advanced Transfer Piece viewer rendering optimizations
 - Search Filtering optimizations
 - Bug where Creative Commons features would dissapear on Plus fixed


jlibtorrent changelog

    * using android NDK r17 beta1
    * updated to boost 1.67.0
    * updated to OpenSSL 1.1.0h
    * expose to java SWIG api the aux::arm_neon_support flag for android
      runtime verification
    * remove hack of custom getauxval definition
    * null check protection in EnumNet
    * lt:honor torrent abort even on file check error
    * lt:use settings_pack::urlseed_wait_retry for default retry with http seeds
    * lt:fix storage initialization
    * lt:strtoll() returns LLONG_MAX if the input overflows, handle this case
      properly in the http parser
    * lt:remove the global cache of the current time, just use clock::now()
    * lt:deprecated alert::progress_notification alert category, split into
      finer grained categories
    * lt:disk_io_thread abort_hash_jobs duplicate code refactor
    * lt:fix part-file header allocation
    * lt:fix potential fd leak in enum_net_interfaces
    * lt:don't perform DNS lookups for the DHT bootstrap unless DHT is enabled
    * lt:avoid calls to .address() when looking for endpoint protocol
    * lt:removed unnecessary loop in request_a_block
    * lt:fix changing file priorities while checking interrupts checking
    * lt:fix issue where the current tracker would be skipped for the next
      tracker in the same tier
    * lt:remove redundant check in tracker announce
    * lt:minor fixes in utp_socket_impl
    * lt:stat files in the disk thread, in default_storage::initialize()
      instead of the constructor
    * lt:dynamically load getauxval so as to support older android devices
    * lt:track whether a file is eligible for using the partfile on a per-file
    * lt:define NETLINK_NO_ENOBUFS and IFA_D_DADFAILED if they don't exist
    * lt:fix reporting &redundant= in tracker announces
    * lt:fix windows build with UNC paths disabled
    * lt:fix issue querying block size from torrent before metadata has been
    * lt:source code cleanup, performance and stability

Get FrostWire Plus 2.0.4. build 523!


It’s the best time of the week! We invite you to get our latest release of FrostWire Plus for Android. We have optimized the app to work faster and more stable.


FrostWire 2.0.4 build 523 - APR/21/2018
 - New jlibtorrent (reverting to while bugs are fixed)
 - Library updates: gms 15.0.0, re2j 1.2
 - Translations updated, Hungarian
 - Music player clean up and optimizations
 - Advanced Transfer Piece viewer rendering optimizations

What is FrostWire?

FrostWire is a free, open source BitTorrent client first released in September 2004, as a fork of LimeWire. It was initially very similar to LimeWire in appearance and functionality, but over time developers added more features, including support for the BitTorrent protocol and a full blown media player.